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What type of professional should perform a lymphatic drainage massage after surgery?

It’s essential to have a highly skilled and certified professional perform a lymphatic drainage massage after surgery. A respectful doctor will always recommend this type of massage be done by a therapeutic expert who has the proper training and experience to implement the appropriate techniques for significant post-surgery recovery.

At our clinic, we pride ourselves on our incredible staff of certified professionals, who have been the number one recommended choice by doctors for years. With over 14 years of experience, our therapists are experts in their field and provide the highest level of care and service to ensure your optimal recovery. Come experience the best of the best and schedule your lymphatic drainage massage with us today!


When you’ve already invested thousands of dollars in a surgery, it only makes sense to invest in your recovery by getting a high-quality lymphatic drainage massage. A professional massage can help enhance your recovery process by reducing swelling, minimizing pain, and increasing circulation. Plus, a lymphatic drainage massage can also help prevent complications and improve the overall appearance of the surgical area.

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